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Patchi is a highly acclaimed name and yet Patchi is much more than an innovative brand that pioneered the chocolate gifting trend. It goes beyond being the embodiment of exclusivity or a name known the world over for making every day special and for adding an outstanding touch to celebrations and seasonal events. Patchi is a sound business model that stands the test of time. A brand that embodies lavish variety, distinctive quality, attention to detail, and the art of living. Since 1974, the brand has been growing from strength to strength, extending its reach to all corners of the world. Our signature offerings are the refined result of over 40 years of passion and savoir-faire. Today Patchi has over 140 boutiques in more than 21 different countries (from Harrods in London to the USA, Morocco, KSA, UAE, and Malaysia). Now we are renowned for our designs, excellent quality, know-how, and handmade elegance. We are also celebrated for our culture and unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. 

Patchi is:
  • An international brand name synonymous with exclusivity
  • A recognized trendsetter
  • A name with significant brand awareness that makes a refined statement about generosity
  • ISO certified
  • A maker of premium chocolate with no additives (a brand that cares about providing people with the best)
  • The creator of the exclusive chocolate gift selection
  • A proven model for business growth
  • A strategic planner that continually introduces new products to drive market competitiveness
  • A retailer with a diverse and extensive portfolio of products
  • A complete, self-sufficient set-up with 5 factories (we design, produce, decorate, pack, distribute, ship and sell).

We assist you each step of the way. Our professional team at Patchi conducts a full market study and helps you set up the commercial part. We also provide you with invaluable support, including:
  • Site selection- following very specific selection criteria
  • Drawings and layouts- with drawings done by one of the best global architecture firms
  • Training- with a brief on the training provided at boutiques, our factories and the headquarters
  • High quality products- the same signature items for all boutiques (food/non-food)
  • Marketing support - including key communication for the seasons and celebrations
  • Support at the sales level
  • Continuous operational support

The franchise agreement is five years long and is renewable based on the company’s evaluation of the brand development in your territory.

To start your own success story with Patchi, fill out this form. For all your queries or for additional info, kindly contact us on: [email protected]