The heart of elegance where state-of-the-art designs and high quality merge.Patchi takes gift giving to the next level by making its own silverware in addition to stainless steel, iron and copper creations. This means that everybody can enjoy Patchi's signature designs. Using fine raw materials selected for their durability and quality, The Maison moulds the metal then shears it and presses it, ensuring everything takes shape perfectly at all times. With a keen eye for precision, our artisans prepare, weld, cut, clean and polish each piece. Once this is done, the creation is dipped in silver or copper multiple times till it gets its true gleam. It is then polished again and packed. Because Patchi cares about the end product, every creation undergoes quality checks at each stage of the production process. We also care about the community. This is why our silverware department takes measures to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal and that our artisans have a safe work environment. We are renowned for the special standards of Patchi silverware (ISO-9001-2008) and it's easy to see why.